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How to Write 6 Insurance Articles In One Day

After having a 2 month period of very little extra work with my new part time copy writing job I got hit with a tough request. Could I bust out 6 articles in one day for an insurance company local to Louisville KY?

Never one to shy from a challenge I said of course I can. Insurance? What could be difficult about this? I’ve bought a beau coup of insurance policies in my day.

Part of being a part time internet copy writer is getting to meet the clients and interview them about their business. And some times like this time I get to make a new friend that’s well connected. I’ll tell you a little about Kelly Turton of Family Select Insurance (with his permission of course) .

Kelly is an exciting guy. I don’t know how else to explain it, but we’ve all met those few people in our life that we instantly enjoyed talking to. Their enthusiasm for everything they do is magnetic and you just enjoy really talking to them. That Kelly is excited about his new business here in Louisville doesn’t mean that he’s new to the business of insurance. During my interview I discovered that he’s already been to the top of the Insurance industry mountain. Having built and sold one of the largest privately owned insurance agencies out west, it’s not his first rodeo by any stretch.

Seems as though he sold it all then retired here to Louisville KY so that his wife could be around the area she grew up in. But as often happens with guys like Kelly he just wasn’t happy trying to busy himself all day with the mundane life of retirement. He had to get back in the game here locally so he opened a new office at 6409 Dutchmans Pkwy and Started Family Select Insurance.

It’s at this time that I should confess and spill the beans about how it was so easy to write 6 full page articles in one day. One each on Auto Insurance, Homeowners, Motorcycle, Boats, RV, and Renters Insurance. I simply asked Kelly if I could record our interview which he so graciously allowed me to do.

Afterwards I was able to just play it back and write at the same time. Periodically I would stop the recording and back it up and play it again. This is a tactic that I thought of after my first few writing assignments and I recommend it to anybody that does what I do, be it full or part time like myself. There’s no source of information as valuable as when it’s taken straight from the well.

So there it is. If you would like to see what I did for Family Select Insurance go check it out.

Beyond this, you’ll be getting an Ohio River Fishing report from me as soon as the water level drops enough for me to hit the river over in Jeffersonville Indiana. I do hope it’s not one of those years when that doesn’t happen till mid June. I would hate to miss the seasonal fish migrations again. That’s the best time to fish the river.

I’ll see you then!