I Got a Part Time Job

I got a part time job writing for a local Louisville SEO company.

I was at a local writers meet up the other night and ran into a guy that does some part time writing for Kid Carson Media here in Louisville. I instantly hit it off with him and I think it was as much of an age thing as anything else. Don’t we all gravitate to people that understand our genre’? That he was a part time semi professional writer was cool too.

So after hanging out that evening I gave him my number to give to the owner thinking that a little extra income couldn’t hurt. I don’t know about other peoples experiences with meet ups but I go more for the socializing end of it. To get out and meet people with a similar passion and get their thoughts. I’ve met some very interesting people here at local meetups. And truth be known I never really thought anybody would be interested in hiring me to write for them.

My Interview with the owner

I got a call from the company owner earlier today and he looked at my little blog here. Asked if I could write some local articles for them. Apparently they only work for Louisville based companies and if anybody knows Louisville it’s yours truly. I must admit to being a little flattered by it all. I already knew that they paid a 4 cents a word and busting out 500 words of quality copy for $20.00 seems good to me.

We talked for probably a half hour, it turns out that he’s a life time resident of Southern Indiana just across the river and that he’d seen my blog post about fishing the Ohio and loved it. He tells me he fishes several times a year from the same bank I was taking my blog post photos from.

While I had him on the phone I asked him what he thought of my blog. He reassured me that what he thought didn’t matter in the least. It would be different if it was a commercial venture but in his opinion that with it being purely of a personal nature that it didn’t need what a business website or blog needed along the ways of optimization and traffic generation. All in all I think he was being kind so as not to hurt my feelings 🙂

So yes I’m going to finally be a paid writer

So now I will be a part time writer. I’ve been online reading about how to write business copy and reacquainting myself with the 5 w’s of quality copy and am anxious to get started. I don’t want to mess this small gig up and some of the pieces I write will be having my name attached to them so I do want them to at least get a passing grade. I’ve been promised 2 articles a week that will be between 500 and 1000 words.

Now I need to learn about key words and key phrases and latent semantic indexing of words for the articles. I was told by the owner that they have a program that will check the writing for me and let me know if it’s under or over using certain words while I write the articles.

I love learning new stuff! And this is going to be so much fun 🙂

Can you tell that I’m excited!