Working at home on the holidays

It’s been a very busy time as of late. That can happen when you have a part time job as a writer. But Hey! I’m loving it.

Carpet Cleaning TurkeyFamily visits during the holidays!

It’s the holidays and I’m in my office here at the house instead of doing over time at my full time gig so it’s all good. My brother and his wife are in town staying with us. When us Mason’s visit we don’t stay in motels, family stays at the house of whatever family member they’re visiting.

My latest project “Carpet Cleaning in Lexington KY”

I’ve been enjoying my Brothers company these last few days and he’s intrigued that I got a part time job as a writer. My latest gig for Kid Carson Media has been writing content for a Lexington KY based cleaning companies website. I had to write about 5000 words of content about everything from carpet cleaning in Lexington to window washing and it’s been an enlightening experience. You see some of the work I did by clicking the link back there. I now know more about how a professional cleaning company works than I thought I ever wanted to know.

And in case you’re finding this and reading this yes! I will write for you too. Just make me an offer. I think you’ll find my rates competitive and my writing style acceptable. Although I don’t know that I want to take on another project like the cleaning company site I mentioned above. There was just so much of a learning curve involved. BUT !!!

Now that I find myself comfortably on the other side of it 🙂 If you have a cleaning a company and need some blogging done or content for new pages, I’m your man.

One thing I’ve noticed about small business sites

One of the things I’ve noticed about these small business sites Kid Carson Media is building is that they seem to always rank well. The owner told me it had a lot to do with the way I write the copy for them. Apparently modern search engines like Google like for everything to be written in a natural way. So I’m guessing? What? I’m all natural? I think I am, so therefore I am? It’s not really important. But I had mentioned it to Blaine (KC Media) and he just blew it off.

So there’s where I’ve been these last few months. Not getting to do much writing here, but writing none the less. I do enjoy and am glad to have the extra work. The fact that I can do it from here in my office at home is a great pleasure. My brother is sitting here and we’re chatting as I write. He’ll leave and go back home tomorrow with his wife and kids. But we’ll be going there ( Nashville TN) come Christmas time so I’ll see him again soon enough.

From the Mason Family to You and Yours… HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!!